Managing my medicines

Sometimes it gets tricky organising what medicine to take, and at what time of day to take it...


 At Dee Why Pharmacy we want our customers to get the maximum benefit from their medicines and so we offer two main services for helping our customers take their medicines correctly. We also offer verbal advice and support  in relation to taking medicines as part of our usual day to day work whenever it is relevant and/or requested by our customers.


Staged supply of medicines

This service is primarily used by patients who need their medicines to be kept safe at the pharmacy and their individual doses given to them at specified time periods (daily, weekly, monthly for example), to ensure the correct dosages are taken. If you regularly forget to take your medicine, need help managing your dose or are taking a medicine that can be easily misused or overused risking harm to yourself or others this service can be very helpful for you.

For more information on this service please refer to "disease state management service" on the main menu or simply click here.

Another service which is of much help to many of our customers is outlined below:


Dosage administration Aids

A dosage administration aid (also called a blister pack, websterpack or Dosette)  can make this task much easier, especially if you or someone in your care has to take multiple medicines.

It can be easy to forget a dose, take it at the wrong time or even take a double dose, all of which have an undesirable effect on the health of the patient!

A Blister Pack seals each dose for each time of the day in a separate compartment. Each compartment is labelled with your name, dosage time, day of the week, and the medicines that are contained within. The pack is perforated to enable individual doses to be removed easily and taken wherever you go without having to take the whole box with you.

Using these dosage packs makes it much easier to check if the dose has been taken, and reduces the risk of dosage compliance problems, therefore helping you to obtain maximum benefit from your medicines. 

To take a dose, you simply push down on the appropriate "blister" (section) and the medicine pops our into your hand, or you can also use a container to collect medicine. 

We make blister packs for many of our customers every week; not only for residential homes but also for many people who live at home.

There is a nominal fee for blister packs, which are carefully prepared by a trained and experienced staff member. 

When you use blister packs, your medicines that go into the packs are kept at the pharmacy and new scripts can be requested from your Doctor when necessary; you are welcome to keep your scripts at the pharmacy, too, if you wish.

Blister packs can be collected in person at the pharmacy or we can deliver them to you; the delivery is free of charge.

Packs cost $ per week in addition to the cost of your medicines.

If you are interested in this service, and would like more details please call us on phone (02) 9982 6383. 

Some health funds may reimburse for a Dosage Administration Aid, and if you have a DVA card you may be eligible for free dosage administration aids after a Home Medicine Review (ask your GP). (see