Clinical Interventions

What is a clinical intervention?

In the context of pharmacy, a Clinical Intervention is a professional activity undertaken by pharmacist directed towards improving quality use of medicines and resulting in a recommendation for a change in the patient’s medication therapy, means of administration or medication-taking behaviour.

These interventions are a free service provided to customers which the pharmacy is reimbursed for by the government 

Our pharmacists regularly make clinical interventions, ensuring our customers always receive the best medical care on pick up of their prescription. 

Our pharmacy does not get reimbursed for generic medicine substitution, routine prescription-related counselling, provision of emergency supply medicine under State or Territory law, CMI (Consumer Medicine Information) leaflet provision or professional activities directed towards improving QUM (Quality use of Medicines) undertaken during HMR (Home Medication Review), RMMR (Residential Medication Management Review), MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck services.