Compounded Medicines

What is a compounded Medicine?

A compounded medication is a medication that is specifically prepared for you, based on your doctors prescription. Different ingredients are mixed together to create an individualized medicine for you, tailored to your specific strength and dosage form requirements.

Where does my medication get made and who makes it?

Your compounded medication is made in our sister company, Kingsway Compounding in Brookvale. We have full time qualified and experienced compounding technicians who will carefully prepare your medicine and we have strict quality control procedures which are overseen by experienced compounding pharmacists.

Why are Medicines compounded?

Medicines need to be compounded when the strength, concentration, or dosage form that is needed for a patient is not commercially available. ... Compounded medicines are often made in small quantities to meet the needs of specific  patients.

Why would I need a compounded medicine?

Compounded medication can benefit almost anyone.
Possible reasons why a compounded medicine may be necessary are:
  • You are unable to tolerate the commercially made medication. A compounder can adjust or remove the problem element for example, medicine can be compounded without gluten, soy, animal products preservatives, colourings etc.
  • The current ingredients in commercially made products are not suited to you.
  • The most effective strength for you is not commercially available
  • You are unable to manage the medicine in its current form; it can be changed into a different form which you can tolerate; for example a cream that you rub onto your skin instead of a capsule that you swallow.
  • You would like two or more ingredients combined into one dose.
  • The medicine is no longer commercially available in Australia.

These are just a few examples of the many instances when compounded medicines would be recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

Do I need a Prescription from my doctor for my compounded medication?

Generally yes, you will need a prescription for a compounded product, If you are not sure, you can contact either our pharmacy (02) 9982 6383 or our Compounding laboratory 1300 564 799 to find out. 

Is Compounding Legal and Safe?

 The Australian Pharmacy Board, The Pharmacy Council of NSW and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has stated that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal. This is as long as they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and made as a single dose unit for immediate use. They must be made in a Compounding Laboratory which is a/part of registered Pharmacy. Our compounding arm Kingsway Compounding for several years now, is Australia's only ISO:9001-2015 certified compounding Pharmacy so you can rest assure that you will receive the only the highest quality compounded medicines.  

Compounding has been part of pharmacy since its origins and even before, in the earliest forms of medicine prior to what we now recognise as our structured healthcare system.

The value of compounding has re-emerged in recent years and is used in all areas of health, clinically and in research, and continues to develop alongside advances in technology and quality control. 

Is Compounding Expensive?

Compounded medications are made uniquely for you and therefore cannot be compared to large commercially available products since the process in making the medicine is a much smaller scale and generally takes much more time to produce. The ingredients will also determine the end cost of your medication however, at Kingsway Compounding in Brookvale, without any compromise of quality standards, every effort is made to make the medicines at the most affordable cost possible.  We usually provide 3 months supply which also helps minimise the cost to you.

Will my insurance cover my compounded medication?

Some health insurance funds will cover you for part of the cost of compounded medicines. Therefore it is worth contacting your health fund provider to see how they can assist. 

Can children benefit form Compounded Medicines? 

Yes. For all the same reasons that compounding can benefit adults, this applies to children. In addition, parents often have difficulty getting their child to take a medicine because of the taste, allergies or sensitivities to the commercial medication. children often have difficulties swallowing tablets and so changing the form that the medication comes in can significantly increase the chances that your child will take their medicine and get better in the quickest time possible. There are many different forms that medicine can be made into, even pleasant tasting lollipops can been made when the need arises!

Could my elderly mother benefit from compounded medication?

Yes! There are many conditions that commonly occur in the elderly which can be helped by a compounded medicine, for example, chronic pain can lead to taking drugs to ease the pain but can also cause gastrointestinal upset and stomach ulcers

Anti inflammatory or analgesic preparations can be compounded which the patient rubs on their skin and absorbs the medicine through their skin. this can prove a more direct route to easing the discomfort without the risk of further digestive upset.   

How long does it take to make up my compounded medication?

It can take up to two days to make your compounded prescription. However, if you require it sooner or in an emergency it is possible to make sooner.Please let us know when you give us your compounding order and we will endeavor to fulfill your request. 

Why does it take longer to get a compounded medicine?

Your medication is made especially for you, and involves many steps:

Each medicine will differ slightly in how we make it but some of the most common steps are outlined below to help you understand why making a compounded medicine can be very time consuming!

  • One of our pharmacists formulates the drug,
  • Ingredients are selected and checked
  • Ingredients weighed (multiple times to ensure accuracy)
  • Ingredients need to be mixed correctly and may go through several more steps, some using equipment, some manually before it is fully completed to our satisfaction. 
  • Technician double checks their work
  • Pharmacist in charge re-checks the medicine
  • Medicine is packaged
  • Medicine is ready for collection at Brookvale Laboratory or posted using express post delivery or courier when necessary.

How do I get my Compounded medicine?

There are several options available for ordering your compounded Prescription.

  1. Bring your prescription into the pharmacy or to Kingsway Compounding laboratory 40/9 Powells Rd, Brookvale.
  2. Order online. Click here to order direct from Kingsway Compounding
  3. Phone Kingsway Compounding on 1300 564 799 
  4. Fax your prescription direct to Kingsway Compounding on 1300 564 899

We need a copy of the original prescription before we can release the compounded medication from the pharmacy. You can post/fax it to:

40/9 Powells Rd, Brookvale  fax: 1300 564 899

You can choose whether to have your medicine posted out to you or to collect it at Dee Why Pharmacy or Kingsway Compounding, in Brookvale.

Dee Why Pharmacy 4/729-731 Pittwater Road, Dee Why 2099

Kingsway Compounding: 40/9 Powells Road, Brookvale 2100