Medication reviews

What is a Medication Review?

Put simply, a Medication Review is a consultation with our pharmacist, either in your home, or at our pharmacy, that covers how to manage your medicines and answer any questions you may have concerning them. It can give you peace of mind that you are getting the maximum benefit possible from your medicines.

 Some of the areas that can be explained include:

  • what your medicines have been prescribed for,
  • how to take your medicines correctly 
  • where to store your medicines
  • if your medicines interact with each other, or with other foods, vitamins or complementary medicines
  • how to use any equipment you may have (for example, inhalers, epi pen, blood glucose monitor) 
  • symptoms which need to be reported to your doctor
  • information regarding generic medications
  • any other questions you may have relating to your medicines

Our pharmacist can also dispose of any unused or out-of-date medicines for you.

Once your medication review has been completed, our Pharmacist will write a report to your doctor who will then create a health care action plan with you and discuss any relevant issues with you for ongoing management of your medicines.


Do I need a medication review?

If any of the following circumstances relate to you, then you are likely to benefit from a Medication Review:

  • you’ve recently been discharged from hospital
  • your medicines have been changed
  • your medicines need constant monitoring
  • you have ever experienced side effects from a particular medicine
  • you are taking many different kinds of medicines
  • you need instruction on how to use a specific health device e.g. blood glucose monitor
  • you have a chronic disease
  • you don’t always remember to take your medicines
  • you are confused or worried about your medicines
  • you have problems with literacy or language, dexterity, sight or memory
  • you are seeing a number of different doctors including GP’s and Specialists


 I have difficulties getting around; do I have to go to the pharmacy for a review?

No. You can choose whether to come into the pharmacy or whether you would be more comfortable with the pharmacist coming to visit you in your own home.


How to organise a Medicine Review

Our pharmacist or your doctor can organise a Medicine Review for you.


Do I need to see my Doctor first?

Yes. Your doctor has to assess your needs and give relevant information about your health and your medications to the pharmacist who will undertake the medication review (with your prior consent).


Do I need to pay for a Medicine Review?

If you have a current Australian Medicare card and you are eligible for an medication review (your doctor will confirm your eligibility) there is no charge to you. 

People with a valid DVA card may be eligible for free Dosage Administration Aids after they have had an medication review. For further details regarding this, visit the website below: